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We support patient achieve their desired goals by being innovative, pro active and giving timely responsive services

About Us [ Eroncall .in ]

I shall begin with a very heartfelt gratitude to you all who have found time to visit my web page, ER ON CALL. I shall like to introduce myself next.

I am Dr. Solanki Roy Chowdhury,( M.B.B.S.) from Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan, West Bengal. I am in the medical field for more than a decade now and my speciality being emergency (surgical and medical) and critical care (ICU).

I believe there is nothing more valuable than being able to lead a healthy life. “Health is wealth”. But there are always a few bumps in the road. We tend to get sick with the seasonal flu now and then. In the yester years we had our entire family comprising of grandmothers and aunts and mother to take care. But now in the modern world we are generally alone or in nuclear families and the work pressure generally does not give us the pleasure to recuperate from the comfort of our homes in sickness. The hot soup from the kitchen or the health drink prepared with natural ingredients at home has been replaced by antibiotics, multivitamins , fever suppressing meds. They act faster and make you healthy quicker.

Nuclear families have another drawback. Our otherwise loving spouse does not have the luxury to hold our hands when we are sick, because s/he has a work commitment. It may tear him/her apart but there is no other option. So home alone and sick we do not even have the physical strength to march upto the doctors clinic. Now here is a dangerous practice we follow. We take the free advice of a friendly neighborhood medicine shop owner or the cheap quack or the free websites Wikipedia or Webmed. When you go to buy clothes or shoes or food you don’t go for cheaper versions and never for the free ones because you believe mostly they are not good enough. That is true. So why cheap out when it comes to health. The cheap health advises you get can be so detrimental that you cannot begin to imagine. The rampant use of antibiotics by them has caused some super bugs to come up which do not respond to any available meds. And the list will go on. You want to know further please visit my facebook page CODE BLUE EMERGENCY.

Features of a successful telephone consultations include:

1. Identifying oneself and the caller, the latter being the patient whenever possible.

2. Gathering information from speech (content, rate rhythm, tone and emotion) and nonspeech sounds (cough, wheeze , background noises)

3. Addressing both the clinical history and patient’s perspective, including social and cultural context.

4. Giving a diagnosis or interpretation of the patient’s problem with an explanation or summary

5. Signposting the point at which a management decision must be made.

6. Making follow up arrangements

7. Making a thorough , contemporaneous note, including the telephone number used in the consultation.

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About Dr.

I am Dr. Solanki Roy Chowdhury ,( M.B.B.S.) from Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan , West Bengal. I am in the medical field for more than a decade now and my speciality being emergency (surgical and medical) and critical care (ICU).

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